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2000 or After ~ 1999 or Before

Aristile's Angel

Aristile "Plum" Gallier earned his wings on December 15, 1999
I miss you more and more everyday daddy. I love you. ~ Love Rose

Dylan's Angel

Dylan James Sherburne-Hunter earned his wings on Dec. 12, 1999
His baby smile will be with us forever and his sisters and I will miss him very much..  Love you Bubba James ~ We all miss you Destany, Monica, And Mommy

TJ's Angel

Travis Jeffrey Seavolt earned his special wings on December 5,1999
He had Leukemia for a long 12 months but in that 12 months he touched so many special people with his smiles. He has a very special Aunt Dianna IIams that gave everything she could to help TJ, plus drove many miles just to be with him. I know she helped raise money and so many other wonderful things for TJ. He is in Heaven with God as there is no more pain just happiness. He is so adorable in those special wings God made just for him, he will be around us in our hearts. We love and miss you so much TJ ... see you again soon.

Love mommy, daddy, brother, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and especially Aunt Dianna IIams.

AnnaMae's Angel

AnnaMae Robinson earned her wings on September 12, 1999
My dear friend, you are thought of daily. Diana

Melvin's  Angel

Melvin Clay Mealer earned his wings on July 20, 1999
Dad, I hope you're finally at peace and out of the suffering you experienced here  on earth. I miss you with all my heart, but now you're home with God.
~ your loving daughter Mercedes.

Lauren's Angel John's Angel Carolyn's Angel

In remembrance of the July 19, 1999 tragic loss of JFK Jr. his wife Carolyn & her sister Lauren.

Amy's Angel

Amy Rankin earned her wings on June 16, 1999
Amy, I love you and I miss you more every day. ~Lauren

Shane's Angel

Shane Allan Mills earned his wings on May 8, 1999
MY dad was a great person. HE was always there for everyone who needed him.
But I look at it like this god needed him a little more than we did. ~ Alishia Mills

candle.gif (2779 bytes)

April 20, 1999 ... This candle burns for all the victims of the
Columbine High School tragedy in Littleton, Colorado, and for all other
victims of school violence. Please visit the Littleton Memorial Site.

Danny's Angel

Doris Sowell, she picked up her wings April 16, 1999
She will be missed dearly by her friends & family. ~ BBF.Love Barbara

Julia's Angel

Julia Caren Townsend Olivares her wings on February 21,1999
Julia Caren was a beautiful flower opening to the world each day. With no words of goodbye spoken, your ray of sunshine was suddenly switched off. Our pain goes on forever, as we try to rationalize a way that we could have prevented it from happening. The Lord gave you breath and the Lord took away your breath.  Our only comfort is knowing that, at long last,you can hear and you are free from strife.  Til we meet again,  my precious daughter. ~Mom, Dad, Javier, Alex, Robyn, Hunter, Tiffany, Jeff, Chris & Cheyenne

Corrales Angel

Baby Corrales earned his wings on January 4, 1999
Always in our hearts, never far from our minds and praying God will keep you in his eternal peace! ~Melissa & Jose Corrales

Bonnie's Angel

Bonnie Perry earned her wings on January 3, 1999
She blessed our hearts with much love. You are missed and so very loved. You and daddy are in our hearts forever. Love, Donna, Candace, Weston, Cliff, Rhonda, David, Ann, Josh & Lance

Katie's Angel

Katie earned her wings in 1999
I would like to tell u about a bautiful friend of mine who lost her life in a tarible acsident, she was shoot and killed insently. I had been with her the night before her death and it happened about 4 years ago when she past away I still reamber hearing about her death from my mom one morning I set down and started to cry she was my babysitter and a nice girl to but if u want to know how killed her it was her dad he killed her and after he sall what he had done he shoot him self and died instently I cried for a week it was very sad and she was only 15 she blessed our hearts with much love. You are missed and so very loved. You and daddy are in our hearts forever. Love, Donna, Candace, Weston, Cliff, Rhonda, David, Ann, Josh & Lance

Kayla McKean earned her wings on November 24, 1998
Kayla, you graced this cruel world with your beautiful smile for such a
short time but it remains embedded in the hearts of many forever.
You certainly have earned your wings and now you can play happily and smile
always, never to be hurt again with God by your side in heaven.
You are loved forever. ~Leslie

Martha's Angel

Martha Kuykendoll earned her wings on November 1998
There has been many of things that I would have love to tell you mom. I have had so many things lately that I wish I had you but no luck with that. I hope that you, dad, and Roger has been having a good time with each other. All of you have been missed more than anything. We all have been going though the best as everyone can. I look up toward heaven alot of time just to let you all know that I am thinking of you all. I know that you all know it when it happens. Love Your Family

Martha's Angel

Martha Kuykendoll earned her wings on November 1998
You was special in your own way and we all love you. You had 7 kids and 1 stepson through life. Each of us have missed you since you have been gone from us. You are with the one that you loved for so many years and I know that you are happy again.You and daddy is back together now and are very happy. ~ Love All Of Your Family

Timothy's  Angel

Timothy Layne earned his wings on October 19, 1998
Oh Sammy your presense here was such a short moment in time. We all wish we had had you longer my sweet little one. We all wonder so many things. Till we are all together again ~all our love, Aunty,Uncle Jim, & JJ

Emily's Angel

Emily Jean Erickson her wings on October 16,1998
We Love you Emily, you will be missed by all ~ Breann Levasseur

Bob's Angel

Bob {Baldy} Antes earned his wings on October 10, 1998
Dad, to say I miss you doesnt even begine to sum up the feelings I have since losing you, my bestest friend... My life has been changed forever, not just because I lost you, but, for having had your love too.  Thank you for being my best friend and now my guardian angel with wings.  I love you dad ~ all my love, you daughter Angie

Amanda's Angel

Amanda  Kellser earned her wings on October 12, 1998
we all miss you and may you rest in peace you will remain in our hearts and minds. ~ love your counsin Jessica LeClair

Ethel's Angel

Ethel Pauline Amber earned her wings September 22,1998.
I miss you and think of you every day of my life.  You were the best--Mom, Grandma, and "Great-Great" Your daughter Becky

Roy's Angel

Roy Roger's earned his wings on July 6, 1998
King of the Cowboys , happy trails Roy!

Mathew's Angel

Mathew Dylon Hill earned his wings on July 1, 1998
a son lost to soon, he roams with the Angels now. ~with love your family

Danny's Angel

HandyDanny, Virgel O. Lawrence earned his wings on May 16, 1998
a freind to many loved by all, an in-justice gone to far !!! ~with love your friends, Betty & family

Frank's Angel

FRANCIS ALBERT SINATRA earned his wings on May 14, 1998
the world has lossed a great performer, and heaven has received him. my prayer's to his family and friend's ~Oasis

James  Angel

James C. Perry earned his wings on April 25, 1998
He is loved & greatly missed by his family. You taught us much love. Thank You Daddy. Love, Donna, Candace, Weston, Cliff, Rhonda, David, Ann, Josh & Lance

Valisa's Angel

Valisa Ann Ray earned her wings on March 28, 1998
you'll always be my guardian angel,she was a blessing taken to soon by cancer. ~ I love you always your mother, Melba Ray

Deane's Angel

Deane Malyn Sturges earned her wings December 6th, 1997
During your short 13 months on earth, you touched so many lives and brought joy to so many people. Despite your troubles with cancer, you always had a smile for everyone no matter what... We think of you more often and you now have 2 brothers and a sister who know of you and will carry on your memory forever We love you doodle-bug!! love always.

momma,boo,bubba,sissy,granma,granpa,nanny,poppop,a.sal,u.dave,shiny,matt,olive-oil,jon,a.tanna,u.ian,cheeks,hayday,u.billy and everyone else that ever knew you and loved you.....

Mother Teresa's Angel

Mother Teresa earned her wings on September 5, 1997
Words cannot describe the respect I have for Mother Teresa, or the sadness I feel knowing that she has left this world. Ditto!!

Diana's Angel

Diana , Princess of Wales earned her wings on August 31, 1997
She will be greatly missed by all whose lives she touched and graced.

Kellie's Angel

Kellie earned her wings on August 31, 1997
We all miss and love you very much you are in our hearts everyday I will not give up just show me the way.

Marie's Angel

Marie Tillery earned her wings on August 29, 1997
13 years was not enough time with you. I miss you Butterfly, Love Mom

Maxie's Angel

Maxie Mae Welch earned her wings on July 28, 1997
we love you, Mama ~ 4 of nine

Sandy's AngelFrank's  Angel

Frank and Sandy earned their wings on February 24, 2001 and June 15, 1997
Mom and Dad not a day goes by that we don't miss you, life will never be the same without you. Take our love and keep it close to your heart until we meet once again. ~ Love kristen

John's Angel

John Mallo Sr. earned his wings May 19th, 1997
You showed me how to be strong & how to survive. I miss you and you are always in my Heart. Love your daughter,  Marie

Elizabeth's Angel

Elizabeth Nelson earned her wings on May 16, 1997
a sister adopted out of love that is missed was lost to Downs Sydrome. ~with love your sister Diane Sellers

Alenda's Angel

Alenda Dianne Tucker earned her wings on May 15, 1997
She was a beautiful girl, so loving, caring and would help anyone. God looked down and said I need your help here. We all miss her very much. Jo, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, Granparents, and Cousins too. She was a cousin to me.

Alma's Angel

Jean earned her wings on January 31, 1997
a terrific sister, aunt, mother and grandma .... she was loved by us all. We celebrate life in her memory. ~ The Stacey Sisters

Christopher's Angel

Christopher Alan Bard earned his wings July 2, 1996
Love you and Miss you, Trena Frederiksen

Donnie's Angel

Donnie earned his wings on March 11, 1996
If heaven was a stairway I would walk my way to heaven just to be with you again.

Jack's Angel

Jack N Cox earned his wings on December 15, 1995
Grandad, You were the greatest Shriner that ever was! (As well as the best father & grandfather)!! The children you helped, far outway the the hurt we felt from your loss. Your organization remembers you forevermore and your family even more than that! We will always love you, and your life there with Marie Ann and Hunter must be great! ( One on each Knee), with the envy of us all!!! The serentity you all have is, I am sure is in the most beautiful surroundings. We are all waiting to join you some day!! Your Loving wife Gloria & grandaughter Joanne also Tehran Temple Fresno California.(Shriners)


Little Boy, earned his wings Oct. 16,1995
There is so much to say about this little boy. He was 8 when his family came to Wynnburg Tenn @ Wynnburg Chruch. He was so special to everyone around him. On that Monday night I was at his house when he was going out the door to go to time out for the young children & he went out the door singing Amaging Grace that is how much he love God and his Chruch. But when they called and said that he was gone there was so many went to the chruch to be there for his family. I said then that, that little boy touch more hearts in his short life then some one had lived 100 years. I just want to add him to this because he is a very much angel to alot of people.

Cloy's Angel

Cloys Clayton earned his wings October 9, 1995
Cloys you was a good brother and a uncle here on earth with each of us. We all have missed you since you left us on that day of Oct. 95. We want you to have your good wings that you need. The kids have really missed you. Love Jenn & Roger Clayton

Janet's Angel

Janet Floyd earner her wings May 25, 1995
A Mother is a blessing sent down to us by God. Though she tried she was unable to keep all her children together. For the first time in 44 years, all of your children will come together and meet for the first time. I found our missing link mother and she looks just like you. You were taken from us too soon, but I know you will be with us on this special day. ~ Your loving daugther Tina

Wallace's Angel

Wallace Speight earned his wings May 7, 1995
We Love And Miss Very Much You Are My Very Special ANGEL

Bernice's Angel

Bernice Rankin earned her wings on April 29, 1995
a mother who's loss leaves behind alot of pain ... but who's memories brings us nothing but love.
~with love your son, John Rankin & Family.

Charle's Angel

Charlie Love earned his wings on April 1, 1995
a grandfather who was loved by many who will be missed dearly ~with love your grandaughters, the Rankin Girl's.

Roger's Angel

Roger Clayton earned his wings on November 21,1994
It's been a few years now that you left us. You have been missed the whole time with our love. Even though you are out of site you haven't been out of our minds. Your daughter and son are doing good but you inter into thier minds alot as time goes by. We have all been doing okay about dealing without you. You are missed with all of our hearts. Your Loving Family

Roger's Angel

Roger Clayton earned his wings in November 1994
You was a very wonderful husband. I loved you with all my heart and still do. You was more than that to me also you was a friend, soulmate, lover and a very special daddy to our kids. We all miss you very much. Our children have grown to be very special young adults now. They have really missed you through the tuff times when they needed you to be here with them but they have done very good. We still don't have any grandchildren yet though. You are in our thought each and every day since you have been from our lives. We miss you very much. With All Of Our Love. Your Family Frances wife Jennifer daughter Roger Jr son All Our ~ Love The Clayton Family

Grace's Angel

Grace Clara Scott earned her wings on June 19, 1994
Grandma we miss you dearly and know that you are in a better place. We know that one day we will be able to hug you and talk to you again, and we can't wait till that day with you and the Lord. ~Love, Terri and Kerri Lynn

Michael's Angel

Michael Lee Hartshorn earned his wings on May 8, 1994
My beautiful baby, you were taken from us before we ever got to hold you in our arms.   I miss you more everyday, and can not wait for the day when we are together in Heaven.

Love you so much,  Mommy

Kurt's Angel

Kurt Donald Cobain earned his wings on April 5, 1994
Kurt i'd like 2 say i miss u with all my heart...i would do anything to hear your voice and to see you just one more time...u live forever in my heart!! x0x0x0x ~ Leann

J.D.'s Angel

J.D. earned his wings on October 2, 1993
A father who meant everything to his family and will always be missed. ~with love your daughter, Jackie Ray.

Ethel's Angel

Ethel Gallier earned her wings on July 7, 1993
I miss you mom everyday.Theres not a day goes by that I wish that I could just talk to you. I miss you mom. I wish that you could see all your greatgrand babies they are so precious. ~ I love you mom. We all miss you

Conway's Angel

Conway Twitty earned his wings June 5,1993
Conway earned his special wings as he climbed that "Golden Staircase to Heaven" He was the greatest country singer and will always be number #1. He will be sadly missed by his family, friends, fans, and alot of others in this world. I love his music as it has always carried a special place in my heart ~ Cynthia Sherburne

Well on that very sad day of 1993 the poeple had lost a very special person. You was a very good and one of the best singer that a song could ever have. You knew what the people wanted to know in a song and there wasn't many that u would sing that didn't go to number 1. When that day of 93 when it was told that you was gone to be with God it seemed like the world was all messed up in the music, friensds, family. You was the best that ever came out on stage of Hello Darling! There will be another day that we all will get to here that again. We all miss you and that includes music,friends, fans, and mostly family. ~ The Fan's

Ervin's Angel

Ervin Kuykendoll earned his wings on January 1993
We have missed you alot Dad. As we have went through these years of you being gone it has been hard but we all have been going through life as good as can be. We all have missed you Dad, and granddad. Love Your Family

Ervin's Angel

Ervin Kuykendoll earned his wings on January 1993
Well Dad we all have missed you. You have just a few more added to your family now. One day you will get to meet them. You and mom have probly met again and I hope that you are happy again. With All Of The Love Of Your Kids. The Kuykendolls

Columbia's Angel

Columbia Harvey earned his wings on August 22, 1992
After so many years of hard work and failing of strength to relieve horses with sore feet with shoes, and logging, God brought you to eternal rest. Thanks Dad for principals and leadership. ~ Love You - Paul, your son

Jean's Angel

Jean Conklin "Momo" earned her wings on July 5, 1992
God saw she was getting tired and a cure was not to be, so he put his arms around her, and whispered, "Come with me." With tearful eyes we watched her suffer and saw her fade away, although we loved her dearly, we could not make her stay. A golden heart stopped beating, hardworking hands at rest, God broke our hearts to prove to us, he only takes the best!~ We love you so much, Donald, Terri, Julie, and Mandy

Hunter's Angel

Hunter Michael Dedman earned his wings on June 19, 1992
My precious babyboy the lives you touched could have never been reached unless your wings had been given to you. You were and angel in life and forever an angel indeath. your grandpa is there to care for you now and I know that you both watch over our family daily I too will be there to see you some day, until then your father, your baby sister and big brother and I, only wish we had you to hold. We forever love you, Mommy ~Joanne Dedman

Percy's Angel

Percy Page Rankin earned his wings on November 1, 1991
A father who was loved by many, we will always miss you dad. ~with love your son, John Rankin & family.  

Samantha's Angel

Samantha Hope Rogers earned her wings on June 18, 1990
taken before her life had even begun ~ ~ we love you Sammy ~ ~Amy, Matthew and Daniel ~ ~mommy loves you with all her heart babygirl Jacquelyn Smith

Alma's Angel

Alma Day earned her wings on May 10, 1990
I'll alway's miss you dear mother. ~Bob, your devoted son.

Florence's Angel

Florence Hardy Birdwell "Ole Momma" earned her wings on April 2, 1990
She had few possessions, but no wants, and loved by everyone. She is my my angel, I love you Ole Momma. ~ One of your many grandchildren, Doyle Birdwell

Flora's Angel Rueben's Angel

Flora E. and Rueben W. Majors earned their wings on March 04, 2006 & December 19, 1989
God has reached down from his almighty kingdom and found a very special mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and yes a great great grandmother whom we called Memaw. She was one of Gods greatest gifts as she raised 8 children Earl, Donie, Ruby, Kenny, Joyce, Dennis, Karen, and Greg along side of our grandfather Poppy. These very special loved ones were needed in heaven to tend the gardens as their loving touches will make them shine with beauty as they have done with all their children and families. We all will truly miss them both each day but will remember them in our hearts. I read that poem, "If Tomorrow Starts Without Me" Memaw. We all sang "I'll Fly Away" just for you as you had a beautiful smile in September at last years reunion. We all love and miss you both but we will join that circle of family in heaven someday.

I love you Memaw, your granddaughter Cindy

Steve's Angel

Steven Anthony Sowell earned his wings on November 12, 1988
a brother who will be forever missed ... ~your brother, Victor Sowell.

Virginia's Angel

Virginia Clark earned her wings August 2, 1988
This is in memory of my mom Virginia Clark who left us in Aug. of 1988 You are still missed today as much as you were then and just as much as tomorrow.With Love from all of your family. And Happy Birthday Feb. 3, LOVE LOUISE

Francis's Angel

Francis R. Wiseley earned his wings July 12, 1988

Williams Angel

William H King earned his wings on October 24, 1986
~ your daughter Peggy

Linda's Angel

Linda Largent earned her wings on April 6, 1986
Ilove you mom, Melba Largent

Jennifer's Angel

Jennifer Lynn Hallman earned her wings on February 16, 1986
you will always be my little angel ~ Loretta Hallman

David's Angel

David Earl Evans earned his wings June 22,1985
We love you and miss you very much..love from your family and friends.

Harold's Angel

Harold Thomas Williams Jr. earned his wings on December 29, 1984
Daddy, I love and miss you, and think of you often - but especially during the Christmas holidays. Have a good Christmas, and hope you are golfing! ~ Love Dene

Harriet's Angel

Harriet Elizabeth Glennie earned her wings on February 15, 1982
To the best Nana in the whole wide world. You made me what I am today and I hope I make you proud. I miss you everyday but I know we'll be together again some day. ~ All my love, The bairn. (Ann)

Jr's Angel

Jr. Green earned his wings on August 24, 1979
You came into this world an angel, and you left it as a gardian angel. I will always love you.
Love your Mommie.

Bobby's Angel

Bobby, (Little Bob) earned his wings October 8, 1976
The son who never grew up past his 3 short years. Always loved,always missed, never forgotten ~ Love Mommy (Judy)

Estel's Angel

Estel Oliver Sowell earned his wings on October 30, 1974
a father greatly missed, never forgotten ~your son, Victor Sowell.

Kevin's Angel

Kevin Eugene Pitsonbarger earned his wings on June 21, 1973
a brother we never got to meet but have loved always and forever... he slipped away from us as a babe. ~with love your sister & brother's; Pam, Art, Trux & Ray ~ i love you little angel, mom.

Peggy's Angel

Marie King earned her wings February 14, 1973
God needed a seamstress and he called a good one home. ~Love your daughter Peggy

John's Angel

John Douglass Nichols, Jr. earned his wings on February 10, 1973
It has been so many years since you left us, and although your life was so breif, we still remember your smiles and hold onto the joy you have brought to our lives. ~ Laura A. Johnson

James Angel

James Eric (Ricky) Dollison earned his wings on August 22, l968
You were an angel who was with us for a mere 9 years. Losing you meant losing so very ,very much. ~Your Mother

Connie's Angel

Connie Louise Sowell earned her wings on June 16, 1963
"Innocence of a child is the purist trait GOD can give a person" to a sister lost as a babe. ~with love your brother, Victor Sowell.

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